Welcome to our boot sale information page. 

Our aim is to create a hub in our community; a place for shoppers to meet and buy quality new and used products at fair prices and a low cost retail outlet for business to encourage local economic development by supporting small business and thus keeping money within the local community.

our site can be easily seen from Maidstone Road with easy access to the car park. We have space for over 300 stalls and our car park can accommodate more than 2,000 cars.
Please note that our boot sales will be running on Wednesdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays from the beginning of April to the end October - weather permitting (as the boot sales are held outdoors on a grass surface). The gates open at 7.00am on Sundays and BH Mondays and 8am on Wednesdays.


Thank you for coming to our boot sales and we hope that you will enjoy your time with us. We are always looking for ways to improve our services and will welcome any comments, suggestions or feed back and look forward to hearing from you.


We generally welcome all types of product, new and old; but if you are a first time seller with us, please ring us first. Stall holders pay £10 for cars and small vans and £15 for large vans (Wednesdays £7 and £10). All fees must be paid on arrival. Sellers must not later than 9.30am to set-up their stall and must not start packing things up until around 12.00noon. NO RUBBISH IS TO BE LEFT ON SITE. The site must be left clean and tidy.



Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays
Cars and small vans £10  -  Large vans £15 - PAY ON ENTRY

Cars and small vans £7  -  Large vans £10 - PAY ON ENTRY

No selling of counterfeit goods or unauthorised food/drink.


Parking £1 (£1.50 before 8am); Pedestrians 50p (under 16s free)

Toilets * Refreshments * Attraction

Contact us for further information:
T. 07831 602277